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We offer services and products tailored to the needs of every customer in the padded world:

Laminated resin-coated

We work with resined, thermally bonded or siliconized fibers to which we couple or quilt fabrics of various kinds: cottons, velvets and TNT. The weights of our resins vary from 60 to 350 grams per square meter, available in 150 cm or 220 cm high. Some of our laminated resins are fire retardant and are certified according to BS 5852, TB117 and CLASS 1IM.

Polyurethane laminates

Our laminated fabrics are composed of polyurethane sheets that are laminated with velvets or TNT. The thickness of polyurethane can vary from 3 to 12 mm, generally available in h 150 cm. The velvets used can instead vary in color and grammage; the velvets are also printable, which allows us to offer the customer the possibility to widely customize the finished product.  Some of our laminated polyurethanes are fire retardant and have the main certifications according to BS5852, TB117 and CLASS1IM standards.


For years we have also been operating in the market of upholstery fabrics with a 300,000 meters ready to go warehouse in various qualities. Our canvases are mainly designed for the interior upholstery of the upholstered furniture, for feather pillow covers and for the blank. Our fabrics are 100% cotton or mixed polyester cotton, generally raw, black or bleached; they can be dyed or printed on request and are available in different heights from 160 to 315 cm. Our strong point is our range of featherproof articles, technically suitable for down cushion covers and differentiated by color, composition and weight. Some of our canvases are certified according to the regulations in force concerning fireproof items for upholstered furniture and upholstery, among these also some featherproof items and an INTERLINER certified according to BS5852 schedule 3 crib 5.


In order to offer a complete service, we have enriched our product availability with some of the fundamental items complementary to the production of upholstered furniture: zippers, sliders, a wide range of yarns, hook-and-loop closures, twine, strips and bullets, pegs, cordonet.

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