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Trial S.r.l.

Trial manufacturer specialized in the manufacture of profiled dalluminio for the construction and design of products and accessories in the furniture industry. Limpiego dellalluminio in this area is increasingly expanding both ornamental and instrumental, thanks to its light weight, ductility and allampia choice of finishes and colors that allow you to meet different needs and aesthetic choices. The main task of the company staff to provide cooperation and assistance to customers and, thanks to the cooperation of engineers and architects with proven experience, support the same in the design of new products, using existing materials or making new sections exclusively. The modern equipment of the drawing for lestrusione profiles and the creation of new matrices, the innovative work centers and dellofficina lampia dossidazione anodic capacity of the plant, allowing the company to perform the complete cycle of processing (from raw material to finished product ).

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Via S. Martino

20834 Nova Milanese (Monza e della Brianza) - Italia

Trial S.r.l. furniture components

Trial S.r.l. It is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories Furniture hardware. The articles marketed by Trial S.r.l. They are used in the furniture industry, from large companies to small artisans and manufacturers of furniture, furnishings, accessories and complements.
Products manufactured by Trial S.r.l. They can be used according to the needs and creativity of who designs and manufactures the component, as well as by the demands and needs of individual customers, who, day after day, are looking for unique and technologically advanced products for use in your environment. Through The search for Furnishing Idea you can search and investigate the characteristics of products made by Trial S.r.l. and contact us directly for more information or to purchase the products sold or the services offered.