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Via Monte Grigna, 9/a
Cinisello Balsamo
20092 - Monza e della Brianza - Italia

Pb.mek S.r.l.

PB.mek stems from the market to have a reference partner specializing in the field of components for mobile and mechanics with particular attention paid to accessories. Tip Up, outstanding product brand PB.mek Top Solution, is the innovation in the field of networks. For 10 years the company has chosen to represent only companies able to provide high quality products and technology. Among the brands that make up the offer PB.mek they are highlighted: Fath, German manufacturer of accessories for aluminum structural profiles: sliders, hinges and adjustable feet. ERGOSWISS, one of the leading brands in the production of ergonomic workstations. The diversification of products and the expertise of the staff makes PB.mek a serious and reliable partner. HOW TO REACH US From Central Station 9 km From Cadorna North Station 16.9 km Airport From Linate Airport 20 km from Malpensa Airport 51.1 km

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Via Monte Grigna, 9/a

20092 Cinisello Balsamo (Monza e della Brianza) - Italia

Pb.mek S.r.l. furniture components

Pb.mek S.r.l. It is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories Furniture hardware Motion systems. The articles marketed by Pb.mek S.r.l. They are used in the furniture industry, from large companies to small artisans and manufacturers of furniture, furnishings, accessories and complements.
Products manufactured by Pb.mek S.r.l. They can be used according to the needs and creativity of who designs and manufactures the component, as well as by the demands and needs of individual customers, who, day after day, are looking for unique and technologically advanced products for use in your environment. Through The search for Furnishing Idea you can search and investigate the characteristics of products made by Pb.mek S.r.l. and contact us directly for more information or to purchase the products sold or the services offered.