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Ossicolor S.r.l.

OSSICOLOR Aluminium, Italian style Founded in Trento, in north-eastern Italy, in 1971, Ossicolor is a point of reference for the most demanding clients seeking premier-quality, bespoke aluminium components. Priding itself as a creator of “Innovative Aluminium”, the company has always privileged innovation and a creative touch, striving always to be one step ahead of the competition, in terms of technology. Outstanding design, in a recognizably Italian style, the products signed by Ossicolor are highly customizable and are now distributed in many countries, including Germany, France, Canada, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Ossicolor boldly goes into unexplored territory, in its drive to make products that are functional, while being attractive to look at. The ultimate objective: to render the everyday more convenient and more enjoyable. Vintage Finishes are among the many innovations in Ossicolor’s 2015 catalogue. Available in various colours, from gold through antique bronze, to silver and pewter, these confer an innovative, yet vintage, look. Among the other new items are a sliding table, the sandwich panel door, the illuminated splash-back, and the low-profile ‘gola’ with a snap-fixing system. For further information on these products and on Ossicolor, see An e-commerce website is also active, at

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Via Fontanelle 126

38010 Trento (Trento) - Italia

Ossicolor S.r.l. furniture components

Ossicolor S.r.l. It is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories Furniture hardware. The articles marketed by Ossicolor S.r.l. They are used in the furniture industry, from large companies to small artisans and manufacturers of furniture, furnishings, accessories and complements.
Products manufactured by Ossicolor S.r.l. They can be used according to the needs and creativity of who designs and manufactures the component, as well as by the demands and needs of individual customers, who, day after day, are looking for unique and technologically advanced products for use in your environment. Through The search for Furnishing Idea you can search and investigate the characteristics of products made by Ossicolor S.r.l. and contact us directly for more information or to purchase the products sold or the services offered.