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Excellence in engineering, design and elegance in the study of uncompromising quality combined with the perfection of the assembly and care for your product, make ease of use of the products GAP Italy the top of the range, with results in terms of durability, safety, functionality and elegance like never before. Among the leading companies in Italy in sliding systems for doors and overlapping coplanar, in the design of innovative lighting solutions for mobile. Machining processes and observe the highest standards of quality and make Italy the GAP reference in national and international market of mobile systems. Gap Italy pays special attention to research and development of new products, to meet the needs of an evolving market. The ongoing collaboration with the best manufacturers of home furniture Gap Italy makes the ideal partner to realize quickly the projects of new products. The products Gap Italy are studied, prototyped, touched with the hand. To the exclusive use of aluminum, iron, alloy metal and plastic non-toxic 100% recyclable, the company has extended the research to the optimization of energy and materials, transportation and storage.

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Via Dell'industria 9/A

31010 Fregona (Treviso) - IT

Gap Italia Srl furniture components

Gap Italia Srl It is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories Furniture hardware. The articles marketed by Gap Italia Srl They are used in the furniture industry, from large companies to small artisans and manufacturers of furniture, furnishings, accessories and complements.
Products manufactured by Gap Italia Srl They can be used according to the needs and creativity of who designs and manufactures the component, as well as by the demands and needs of individual customers, who, day after day, are looking for unique and technologically advanced products for use in your environment. Through The search for Furnishing Idea you can search and investigate the characteristics of products made by Gap Italia Srl and contact us directly for more information or to purchase the products sold or the services offered.