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Quality throughout the life of the furniture! Our products are enthusiastic about the great functionality and high quality. We want to achieve the highest quality even in the services sector and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers. The cycle of quality Blum begins with the observation of the use of cuisines from around the world. The data collected provide important and flow into the development of new products. To ensure the quality during development, we make use of computer simulations and tests with prototypes already at this stage. Blum purport quality even during machining. To ensure the highest quality of workmanship, tools and facilities must meet the same technical requirements in all manufacturing locations. The measures to ensure the quality are constantly being expanded to ensure only the highest quality standards. The measures taken by Blum aim not merely to overcome the quality control at the end of the production process, and thanks to constant checks during processing, be contributing significantly to maintaining the highest quality standards. Based on the information collected in observations practices, Blum has developed its own testing protocols. Our products are subjected to extensive tests of movement and load with the affixed test devices. Blum collaborates with renowned test institutes and monitoring bodies to meet in equal measure even their standards and requirements. Blum has obtained the ISO 9001 certification. lucid analysis, no melody, and when you told me you are like her, and she ivy, hazy and out of focus

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Blum Julius Gmbh furniture components

Blum Julius Gmbh It is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories Furniture hardware. The articles marketed by Blum Julius Gmbh They are used in the furniture industry, from large companies to small artisans and manufacturers of furniture, furnishings, accessories and complements.
Products manufactured by Blum Julius Gmbh They can be used according to the needs and creativity of who designs and manufactures the component, as well as by the demands and needs of individual customers, who, day after day, are looking for unique and technologically advanced products for use in your environment. Through The search for Furnishing Idea you can search and investigate the characteristics of products made by Blum Julius Gmbh and contact us directly for more information or to purchase the products sold or the services offered.